Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Round Two

I thought Monday was bad with all the sickness.

I was wrong.

Last night was much much worse.

All was fine and dandy until around six last night. My sweet brown girl ate her dinner and then was very gassy. I mean VERY gassy. It was smelling pretty rotten so I let her outside to take care of business. She was out there for about 30 or 40 minutes before I let her back in.

As soon as she got inside and on my bed, she threw up. From that point she threw up pretty much nonstop for about three hours. Toward the end of that, there began to be blood in it. I think it was just because she had irritated her throat by all the vomiting.

I've never seen a dog like this before. I at one point put a towel on the bed and whenever she acted like she was going to be sick, I would hold her on the towel and just pet her while she threw up. She was even making that noise you make when you throw up. I was on the phone with the husband during all this and he couldn't believe she was making that noise.

I felt so bad for her. I was torn on what to do. I knew I couldn't just let her sleep in the bed with me. I had no desire to wake up in vomit. But I also didn't want to just stick her in the laundry room alone. I couldn't put her outside because we really think she is eating something out there that is causing her to be sick.

She finally curled up next to me and went back to sleep. I thought the vomiting was over so we went to sleep. Around 12:30 I was just about asleep when I heard her get to get a drink of water. She drank quite a bit, which I thought would be good for her.


No sooner than she jumped back in bed, she spewed EVERYWHERE. Literally spewed. All over me. The bed. It shot into the floor. Just EVERYWHERE. Thankfully this time, it was 95% water that she had just drank.

Liam chose this moment to poo the smelliest poo of his life.

Oh what a night!!

We got up and moved to the couch and put sheets back in the washer for what seems like the millionth time. I have needed 10 sets of back up sheets the past few days.

We slept as well as we could with the three of us on the couch until the husband called at 7 this morning. He wanted to check on his girl. She's been good all morning. She did sort of spit up once, but it was a tiny amount. She is very mopey and just laying around not moving a lot.

If she isn't better this afternoon I guess we will take a visit to the vet.

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