Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On The Road to Recovery

I decided to take Lib to the vet this afternoon. She hasn't thrown up any today, but I was still worried about her. They both needed their nails trimmed too so a trip to the vet only made sense.

He confirmed all of our thoughts. She probably ate something outside that didn't settle well. He took her temperature and said that was fine. She wasn't dehydrated which is good.

He gave her two shots. One to help settle her tummy and one for her irritated throat. He also believed that is what caused there to be blood the last few times she got sick last night. She wasn't real happy about this. She looked terrified!

He said to just slowly ease her back into drinking and eating. He assured me that she would be back to her crazy self in the next day or two, but if not I should take her back.

She ate a little dog food earlier tonight and has held it down so that's good.

She has just been resting and recuperating today. We've all done a lot of this.

He's just lazy. :)

He's stayed right by her side for the past few days.

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  1. I am so glad they are doing better- I know I am a weirdo worrying about other peoples pets so much..