Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stick with the Dogs

A coworker has jokingly told me several times this year to "Stick with the dogs". She has three children, a son who just graduated, a daughter going into tenth, and a son going into eighth. This year there were some major injuries with her children causing her to spend a lot of time in the doctor's office. She would often tell me to stick with my dogs. Well I have a story for her!!

Yesterday afternoon, the dogs and I curl up in bed together for an summer afternoon nap. As soon as I lay down and get comfortable, this little guy decides he doesn't feel good.

He walked up behind me, on the bed, and threw up!! Great! I get out of bed and am getting the proper equipment for cleaning dog puke when I start to smell it. I then threw up.

I manage to get it cleaned up and the sheets of the bed. As I'm walking through the living room to put the sheets in the washer, I noticed there is poo everywhere in the living room. It looks like the little guy exploded. So I get that all cleaned up and lovingly send the husband a text letting him know he can come home anytime.

Fast forward to last night... After putting nice clean sheets on my bed, the three of us curl up to go to sleep. This sweet little girl...

walks up behind me and throws up everywhere. SERIOUSLY!! I am not making this up. Thankfully she hadn't pooed all over the living room.

We move to the couch and I send the husband another sweet text. This time he calls me. We're trying to figure what could be wrong with my dogs when Lib throws up again...and again. I tell him I have to go because she is puking everywhere. She threw up four times in a matter of just a few minutes.

She was scaring me. She was shaking and she kept moving her head like she was going to throw up again. I could just tell she didn't feel well.

After a quick glance around the house it appears we made it through the night without anyone else getting sick.

So yeah..."Stick with the dogs".... doesn't mean no issues. I felt like I had two sick children yesterday and I was left to care for them alone.


  1. Bless your heart.... that sounds awful!

    And I agree, the guys need to get back to normal working schedules. Being out of town stinks!

    I love your blog design... is this the one you did on your own?

  2. Oh my goodness...that's terrible! I hope the dogs are feeling better now!

    I miss the hub too.

  3. Hope Lib is ok, she must of ate something....hugs know it is hard without the hubby:(