Monday, September 27, 2010

Randomness Part One

I have so many blogs floating around in my head, but when I sit down to write them out nothing happens. Nothing at all. I can't even manage to put a sentence together. Most of the post in my head are too short but together are too long so I thought I put a few together at a time.

Our Weekend....Friday night we went out to eat with The Winburns, some great friends of ours. We had a really good time. We came back to the house after enjoying some Casa Mexicana. The boys played guitars and we girls just sit and talked...we had a really good conversation. After the Winburns left, the husband and I watched The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Anniston. I don't recommend it. It wasn't really bad, but it wasn't good either.

Saturday we got all geared up to watch our #10 Hogs take on #1 Bama. It was great for the first three quarters. Why is it that Arkansas always seems to give the game away in the fourth quarter?? Why haven't we figured this out and done something about it already? So frustrating.... Oh well...for the most part we played a good game.

Sunday was church and working on my scrapbook room. The desk is completely finished and installed. We bought a new rug for the room and I began to put things away. The husband built an addition. More on this later. I promise.

We have lots of birthdays coming up. I've been shopping for the perfect presents for my nieces and nephews. Over the next three months, we have a niece who will turn two, two nieces who will turn one, and a nephew that will turn three. I absolutely love being an aunt!! Any ideas on what to buy for these youngsters? I'm clueless!

Thursday night I'm going to "A Night with the Chapmans" featuring Steven Curtis, his wife Mary Beth, and their son Caleb. I am so excited. I only wish the husband was going with me. But alas, he is out of town again. The story of my life lately. More on this later too!

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  1. Playskool (spelling) has a Busy Ball Popper that is a favorite among the little ones in the nursery at church and Conner loves his too! That would be great for the one year olds! Books are always great gifts for all ages!