Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Heavy Heart

My heart has been so heavy today. There are numerous family members and friends that I have felt burdened to pray for today. Everything is my life is going beautifully right now, yet I feel this cloud looming over me. I have yet to be able to voice my thoughts, my concerns, my prayers into a sentence. I don't have the words to tell God what is own my heart.

The wonderful thing about my God is that he already knows. He knows my heart and he knows the struggles of those whom I feel so burdened for. He knows about the woman whose marriage is struggling. He knows the mom who had her 11 year old son tell her he wants to live with his dad. He knows the young newlyweds who have a 3 month old baby in the hospital. She can't keep food down and is losing weight. Doctors haven't been able to find a solution. He knows the woman who lost her second husband this week, the two men who lost their dad.

These are only a few of the struggles that are happenIng in the world around me. God seems them all and many I don't see. It's one of those times when I ask the question Uncle Kevin posted about recently. How is God possibly going to use these things for good?

God has put on my heart to love more this year. It is something I feel I'm supposed to work on in 2011. He has asked me to really step up this year and show his love to the people around me. I want to be the one who loves on the ones who are too often see as unlovable. It's easy to love some people, others are more of a challenge for me. I'm trying to learn to see people the way God seems them, to love them despite the fact that they might be a little different from me. I personally feel called to show God's love to a few family members who don't know Christ as far as I know.

Two of those people are the young newlywed parents I mentioned above. The father called me tonight with an update. Their baby girl, Alyssa, gained 11 ounces since yesterday. The doctors don't know what caused the change. I told him I knew WHO caused the change. It was God, an answer to our prayers. I can't help but smile as I type this. I LOVE when God works miracles!! There is no other answer for Alyssa's improvement other than God.

It was reassurance to me that even though I haven't been able to find the words to give to God, he knows my heart and still chooses to answer those prayers. He truly is an awesome God. He still answers prayers and he still works miracles.

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  1. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading this morning while the girls are watching Mikey Mouse. Ha! Seriously, I love this post. And I, too, LOVE to see God work miracles. How wonderful about baby Alyssa. Priase Him!

    And can I just say, you are so precious and I love your blog! :)