Monday, January 3, 2011

Seven Years

Seven years ago today I walked down the aisle to meet my groom and join him as we became husband and wife. Andrew and I chose to repeat the traditional vows to one another. We felt like whatever we tried to write would just end up saying what the tradional vows already said quite beautifully. In the months before the wedding we joked that I was not going to take him sickness because he is so whiny when he is sick. So as we stood before our family and friends I remember sharing this look with one another and giggling a little as I took him in sickness.

Though I took over vows seriously on that day seven years ago, I'm not sure I fully understood what it was I was committing too. I was young and in love and that is all I was thinking about.

Now it's been seven years and we have taken each other for richer or poorer, though our richer wasn't all that rich, in sickness and in health, though our sickness haven't been major (Praise God!), for better or for worse.

God is still teaching me what it means to truly honor those vows. Though we've gone through many ups and downs in our little seven years of marriage, I pray that we have many more years of marriage ahead of us. I know those years will continue to be filled with ups and downs.

We have laughed together and we have cried together and it has been through that laughter and those tears that my husband has become my very best friend. He has a way of making me feel safe and secure during those times when my world seems to be falling apart around me. He is my spiritual leader whom God is still teaching me to trust completely.

In this past year, I have watched my husband make sacrifices and work incredibly hard to support the two of us. He has made a decision to get us out of debt and has been diligently getting us there.

He has his faults and I have mine. Our marriage is not perfect by any means. There are still days that we make each other want to pull our hair out. But the days that we make each laugh and smile far out number the other days. We're human and we make our mistakes. I'd like to think we learn from those mistakes and they make us a stronger wiser couple.

I look forward to the adventures that God has for us in the years to come.

Happy Anniversary Husband! I LOVE YOU!

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