Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Sunday afternoon it began snowing and continued to snow all night. It was so pretty. Made me smile. It was real snow too, the fluffy kind....not ice like we usually get.

I've been home yesterday and today due to said snow. I have to admit I've really enjoyed having the past two days off. I know I will think differently in June when I'm still in school, but for now it was nice.

I took advantage of being home yesterday and tackled our bedroom. I had wanted to do this over the weekend, but didn't get the chance to because of our last minute trip to Tulsa. I knew our bedroom was going to take a full day to do right. I lucked out and discovered that Darlene at Time Warp Wife had posted 28 steps to deep cleaning your bedroom yesterday. PERFECT!! I printed it off and got to work. It was an all day job. I started around 10 yesterday morning and didn't call it quits until arond 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Hard work!! But well worth it. It feels like our bedroom doubled in size yesterday. I really do love our house when it is clean.

I had thought about tackling the bathrooms today but the bedroom smooth wore this girl out yesterday. I slept in instead. We had lunch with my parents today. My Daddy is 49 today. He's definitely one of the greatest guys I know. :) He chose Red Lobster for his birthday lunch. I was suprised to find something there that I like. HA!! We had lunch and then hit a few antique stores with them before heading home.

School is back in session tomorrow. Honestly, I've have mixed feelings about it. I don't want to be in school all summer, but the past two days have been so nice. Andrew has worked from home. He's been busy so we've haven't spent all day together really, but he was in the house. Made me want to be a stay at home wife and have him work from home. I can't say that I've missed school the past two days either. Oh well. Going back tomorrow.

My Granny's husband passed away today. She married Herb shortly after my PaPa passed away in 2002, at least it seemed like shortly after to me. I cannot imagine losing one husband in my life, let alone two. The hardest part is that I don't know where Herb stood with our Lord. I honestly have no idea. I plan to ask my Granny. I hope she knew where he stood.

Please, if they don't know about your relationship with Jesus Christ, tell your family.


  1. So proud of you for tackling your bedroom!! I know you've wanted to do that for awhile. I need to tackle a few more areas in my home too. A clean house is SO PEACEFUL...isn't it?? I checked out that website and it's really neat - going to add it to my blog list, I think. Happy Birthday to your Daddy! And I'm so sorry about your Grandfather. :(

    Love you!

  2. Your bedroom looks fabulous! I desperately need to get in mine and do some serious cleaning. I need to check out that website when I get a minute.

    I'm so sorry about your Grandfather. I'll be praying for your Grandmother.