Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day

I got my wish. I'm home enjoying a snow day today. They actually called off school yesterday morning when it wasn't doing anything. We've just been hearing how bad it was supposed to be. Weathermen have predicted anything from 6 to 12 inches in Central Arkansas.

I was crazy enough to stop at Wal-Mart yesterday on my way home from school. We didn't need anything, but there was a few things I wanted...non grocery items. I had to wait in line to get a cart. The poor cart boys were working as fast as they could, but just couldn't keep up. I was really in and out of there pretty quickly considering.

Since I knew I didn't have school I didn't worry about anything last night other than reading my book. It was a story about 4 scrappin' friends and how God worked in their lives. It was called Prints Charming by Rebeca Seitz. If you like to read and scrapbook, I definitely recommend it. Even if you don't scrapbook, I recommend it. Good story. This is what the boys did while I read.
They were tired boys!

Not sure what I will read next. I have a closet full of books to choose from. Though I'm trying to sweet talk the husband into buying kindles for my mom and me. I didn't think I would ever want one when they first came out. There is just something about holding an actual book that I enjoy, but now I'm beginning to change my mind.

So back to my snow far I have managed to have a wonderful conversation with my Momma and enjoy some yummy cinnamon rolls. Oh and I slept in until 9:30. My only goals for the day are to get caught up on grading and laundry. If I can manage that I will be a happy girl. It would be nice to get a scrapbook project finished today as well.

Andrew had to work today. I'm hoping he'll get to come home early though. It really doesn't look like we got that much snow. I was hoping we'd be out the rest of the week, but it doesn't look like that will happen. We might be out tomorrow though.

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