Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend has gone by way to fast in my opinion. Friday morning I got up and got all bundled up to go to school for a whole hour and a half. It started snowing right as I got to school so we were dismissed at 9:30. It stinks because we weren't there long enough to count it as a full day so we will be making it up in June. I spent the rest of the day working on some scrapook/painting/craft projects. I was working on four or five different things at once.

Andrew came home early because of the snow. We got out and drove over to Best Buy to buy him an ipad. Apparently having one is now essential to his job. We spent the rest of the evening watching movies off our dvr.

Saturday morning Andrew went to the gym to play ball with his nephews. I opted to stay home and do some more scrapbooking. One would think with all the time I spent scrapbooking this weekend I would have something to show for it. I don't. Ive spent a lot of time starting over and therefor didn't finish a single project. Saturday night we had a date night. Andrew wanted to go see King's Speech. I wanted movie popcorn and time with the husband. As for the movie, it wasn't bad but I didn't love it either.

Today we went to church and then came home and took a nice long Sunday nap. I've spent the rest of the evening grading papers, getting ready for Bunco, and praying for a snow day tomorrow. I don't want to be in school all summer but I could really use another day off to get everything done.

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