Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging With Secrets

It feels like it has been awhile since I've posted about something other than Tuesday Tunes. Which by the way, I'm loving that series. It's fun to share about the different music that God is using in my life right now.

There are several things going on in my life right now that I want to blog about. But they are kind of secrets right now. Either things that I don't want to share or things that are still in the works so I'm waiting to share. In time, they will all be shared.

But for now I'm finding it hard to blog when I feel like I can't share everything with you.

A few things I can share....

*Andrew and I have been visiting a church consistently for awhile now. This past Sunday we went to a class after the service where we learned the history of the church and how it all works. It's a big church so this class was telling us what all was offered. There's another class you can take to learn the church's beliefs and the next step to join. Andrew is in the process of maybe having lunch with one of the pastor's. It's something we're praying and discussing. Something we still have lots of praying and discussing about it to do.

*I'm so ready for June. I feel like I'm in survival mode as far as the school year goes. My zest for teaching is gone. I want to enjoy and love it, but I'm finding it really hard this year.

*Sadly enough, I really can't thing of anything to share with you. We've been a pretty boring couple. Take tonight for example, it's 8:30 and the husband is fast as sleep. I'm joining him as soon as I hit publish. :)

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  1. I can so relate, when I can not really share my heart it is hard to blog.....Sounds like you have so much going on in so many different areas, I will be praying:) hugs