Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

I have enjoyed this week immensely. Makes me want to be a stay at home wife. We've had some big changes our house this week that I want to record so I will have them.

Monday - Andrew took the day off to spend with me. Isn't he so sweet? We spent the day shopping for bedding and dishes. He treated me to lunch at the Target Snackbar. HA! It was actually pretty tasty. And cheap too!

We made the decision to kick the dogs out of our bed. They sleep with us every night. Liberty started off in a crate in our laundry room but was in our bed by the end of the first year. Liam Bailey has slept in our bed from day one. The little guy has never known any other way. He has spent 99% of his life in our bed. Seriously!! I just got to the point where I wanted a clean bed more than I wanted to cuddle with our dogs. Don't get me wrong. I cried like a baby over this decision, but I know it was the right one. We took our old comforter (we found a new one while shopping) and made them a pallet in the floor. We brought Liberty in and worked with her for about 15 minutes. She is such a smart girl. She caught on quickly. Liam Bailey, not so smart, bless his heart. However, he doesn't like to get in trouble. He is a sensitive little guy. He learned that getting on the bed got him in trouble. He also follows Liberty around everywhere.

They actually did very well. We all survived our first night apart.

Tuesday - Lots of cleaning and working on some craft projects. We attended our first Razorback baseball game. Loads of fun! The weather was absolutely perfect for the occasion.

Wednesday - I spent the day running errands and shopping. Cleaned a little in the kitchen.

Thursday - I worked on school stuff today. I got all my papers graded and lesson plans drafted for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow I going to spend the day cleaning. Then we are headed up to see my parents. Looking forward to spending time with them. I haven't seen them since January. That is way too long!!

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