Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

In attempt to write a blog post I've put together a few tidbits about what we've been up to.

1. I'm trying very hard not to think about the fact that school starts a month from Friday. YIKES!! I'm pumped about the upcoming year, but summer breaks are really nice. I enjoy being home.

2. The husband has taken up the game of golf again. Several years ago he came home from what must have been a bad game and said he quit. He was done. A couple of weeks ago he signed up for lessons and said he was going to give it one more go before quitting. He is LOVING his lessons. We've spent several nights at the driving range in the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I tag along and sometimes I stay home. When I tag along I normally read while he does his golf thing. Occasionally I video his golf swing so that he can analyze it later. That's right! I'm that good of a wife. :)

3. Liberty Belle has a new best friend. It is so hot outside that frogs hide under their water bowl. When we let her out she goes straight to the water bowl and waits for you to pick up the bowl. She sniffs the frogs until she scares them under her doghouse. At that point she runs around the dog house sticking her nose as far under it as she can trying to get to the frog. One day I made her come back in and she sat at the back door crying. I let her out and she went straight back to searching for her frog.

4. A little over a week ago I decided I was going to get a meal plan together and cook. We eat out way too much. My sweet husband informed me yesterday that this was all unnecessary. Just grill him some chicken and a veggie and he would be fine. He's decided to lose weight. So much for my cooking extravaganza...because that's what it was...an extravaganza

5. I've been finishing up a few scrapbook projects that I've had going on for way too long. I hope to share those with you later this week. I'm really pleased with how a few new things turned out.


  1. That whole school starting in one month is not a pleasant thought to me either! I get anxious thinking about it!
    And I'm curious about the scrapbooks! I plan to work on my four year old wedding one this weekend and maybe finish it... how about yours? ;)