Friday, July 22, 2011

A Happy Marriage

Everyone is sharing some great marriage advice over at Kelly's Korner. The husband and I have been married for 7.5 years. We've not yet perfected the art of marriage. I'll let you know if we ever manage that one.

We have a happy marriage though. The key to our marriage is that it is not between two people. Our marriage isn't just about the two of us. God is involved as well. Without him, I do not believe we would have made this far.

We make each other laugh. We share our lives with one another. We are each other's best friend. We communicate, though not always well. :) We're working on that constantly.

I've done a lot of scrapbooking this week. It has been so nice. I made some major headway on several projects. In fact, I managed to finish "Our First Year of Marriage" scrapbook. It only took me 7.5 years.

As I was flipping through it's pages the other day I read through some advice Andrew and I received before we were married. The guest at our rehearsal dinner wrote their advice to us on an index card. We read them after we were married. They still make me smile.

In no particular order here is the advice we received....

1. Andrew - Eat whatever Elaina cooks and ask for seconds. You can always sneak out and go to Mickey Dees later!
Elaina - Agree with Andrew even when he's wrong. :) Then just gloat inside because you know better.

2. Kiss a lot.

3. Always make time to listen to each other.

4. Andrew - **Communication, **Have must find ways to do this on a regular basis, **love her like each day is the last, and let her know it regularly, **Trust God!, ** Live Long & brother!
Elaina - **Communication...good luck with this! :), **Have fun, **Be patient...I know you are, or you wouldn't have made it this far, **Trust God!, **Thanks for taking him off our hands and welcome to the family.

5. I love you. You got married! Pryce Billson (This might be my favorite!! I think PB was like 5 at the time. :) )

6. Keep Christ at the center of all things. Think about it, talk about it, and pray about it.

7. Always remember what brought the two of you together. The love that you had in the beginning is what will get you through the years to come. Andrew, treat Elaina like a queen and she'll treat you like a king. Elaina, treat Andrew like our king and he'll treat you like a queen.

8. Andrew - treat Elaina like a queen and she will treat you like a king.
To you both - put Christ in the center of your home, if you will live by His Word, you will have "heave on earth"

9. Don't go to bed angry - settle your disputes before you sleep. Let God be your counselor and you will not need another. Realize that true love only grows and never dies. Always be kind and considerate - treat one another with dignity. Honor God and His church.

10. Andrew - if she knows you love her more than anything you'll be a good husband. always put her first.
Elaina - Support him no matter what! He's an idiot with big dreams, but your support is all he needs.

11. Always maintain your sense of humor. Be each other's best friend & marry rich.

12. My words of advice to you both, are to never go to sleep angry with one another. Be each other's BEST FRIEND! Put God first and then each other. Always find little ways to show each other that you care. And last but certainly not least, always keep your priorities in check.

13. Come see your bubba and make sure you have a bed for him at your place

14. Never go to bed angry! Never keep secrets! Always be open and honest! Keep God first in your lives! Be best friends forever!

15. Learn to share your lives with each other in body, soul, and spirit. Build your relationship on a firm foundation, Christ. He is the only solid rock. Put him 1st and you will have your priorities in order. Learn what it truly means to love someone. If you need help, look to 1 Corinthians 13. Pray together everyday and for each other every day. it always changes things.

16. Don't live too large too fast. Keep God in your marriage and he'll take care of you.

These are words that I will always cherish...some silly...some serious. Andrew and I are blessed to be surrounded by family who loves us and supports us.

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  1. WOW!!! That is great advice. What words of wisdom you were given. I sure wish I had been given such wisdom when I got married but thankfully after 23 years of marriage God worked a miracle in my life.