Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Tuesday

I sent Andrew a text today asking if we could have burgers on the boat for dinner.  There is something about grilling on the boat that makes the burgers taste so much better.

I love it!

He got home a little before five and we loaded up.  

We decided it was time for Lincoln Baxter to go on his first boat ride.  We haven't taken the dogs out yet because we've been waiting for a trip when there wouldn't be a lot of people and we wouldn't be out there all day.  We weren't sure how they would react.  

Well we're pretty sure we know how Lib will react.  I don't think she is going to like it at all.

Lincoln wasn't real sure at first.  The dock can be very scary.  There are lots of cracks to jump over. 

One he got on the boat, there was lots of exploring to do.  

Then it was time for a swim.  He has never been swimming before so we were excited to see how he did.

He is an excellent swimmer!  However, he did not LOVE it like I had hoped.  

We bought a dog life jacket a few months ago.  We thought we would give that a try.  

Yes we are those people.  We are okay with that!

Little Dude was smart.  He knew how to get out of that water.  He went straight to the ladder and hung on until Andrew lifted him out of the water.

He didn't seem to mind the water.  I sat on a air mattress and he was very content to hang on to that with his hind legs in the water.  He just didn't like having to swim.  

He's like his owners.  He just wanted to be lazy and float around. 

After a quick swim, Andrew started grilling us some burgers and dogs.

This was my view while I soaked up that sun.

Lincoln begged for a bite of hot dog.  

Can you say spoiled puppy?

We went for another swim after dinner.  Andrew just kept saying.  It's Tuesday. Then he would smile so big.

We are so very blessed.  

Change is hard for me.  There have been days where I have missed our old home town.

But a Tuesday night on the lake where the weather is perfect and the water feels amazing with my two boys and good food...

Well it quickly reminds me how blessed I am and how great my God is.  

God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called seas.  And God saw that it was good.  Genesis 1:10

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