Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Dream Home

When Andrew and I began talking about moving, we also began talking about our forever home.  The home that we see ourselves living in for the rest of our life.

The plan was to find a small rent house while it was just him living there and then once we figured out where I would be teaching we would buy land and build.

We found land pretty early on.  It was perfect.  Half way between our two jobs and close to the marina where we keep our boat.

Wooded area.  Feels remote but is still very close to town.

Earlier this month we met with a builder.  Nice guy!  He quoted us a price and I thought we were ready to start the process.

There is nothing wrong with our little rent house, but it is little.  I dream about a house with a few extra bedrooms so that family can come stay with us.  We talk often about either his parents or my parents living with us someday.  We would be thrilled to have them here with us.

Somewhere in there Andrew decided he wanted to see what was on the market for that amount of money.

So we began the process of him emailing me links to houses that were for sale and me turning them down one by one.  There was nothing out there that I liked just as it was.  There was something about every house that I would want to change.  We wouldn't have that if we built a home.  Besides - I had fallen in love with the piece of land we had been looking at.

After turning down a craftsman style house that was built in 1926, Andrew insisted that I go by and look at it.  He just knew I would feel differently once I saw it in person.

We drove by and I had to admit he was right.  We made an appointment to check out the inside.

I liked it but hardened myself so I wouldn't fall in love with it.

The more we talked about it and looked at it the more I liked it.

We've gone through it a second time.  It's one of those houses where you walk in and you can immediately see yourself living there, raising a family, and hosting lots of get togethers for family and friends.

Now is the hard part.  Looking at numbers and figuring out if we can make our dream a reality.

It's hard.  I want this house so bad.  But it is a huge decision and I don't want to do anything that we don't have complete peace about.

Only time will tell.

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