Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

These two have become quite the expensive little furbabies lately.

Sometime over the weekend Lincoln Baxter hurt his leg.  We noticed Sunday evening that when he was standing still he would hold his back leg off the ground.  

Andrew called the vet Monday morning.  It was time for yearly shots and we wanted to have someone check out Lincoln's leg.  He got an appointment scheduled for them for Thursday.  At this point, Lincoln's leg wasn't too big of a concern.

By Tuesday Lincoln's leg was worse.  He wouldn't put any wait on it at all.  He was hobbling around on three legs and laying down for most of the day.  That is very unlike him.  

Andrew called a different vet and was able to get him in that afternoon.  It seems that our sweet boy sprained his ACL.  Several dollars later we walked out with three medications and a prayer that Lincoln would get better and wouldn't need x-rays or surgery.

The pain meds really help.  He is starting to walk on it again.

Liberty went in today for her yearly shots.  She is a healthy girl.

Dogs are expensive.

I spent the first three days of this week at QES writing lesson plans. I was able to see my classroom.  

It is a blank canvas.  I cannot wait to get in there and color it up with all my owls and chevron.  

Elementary is a whole new world.  I never realized how middle school minded I was until this week.  It is going to take some getting used to.  Holiday parties and cute bulletin boards int he hall way.  

I have found a few cute ideas on Pinterest that I'm pretty excited about.

I have met a few of my new co-workers.  Everyone has been so nice & helpful.  It makes all this change just a little bit easier.

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