Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BRACE yourself for an update

Dr. Lay was finally able to get a band around my crown.


We all did a little cheer when he got it on last Tuesday.

I never thought I would be so excited to be all wired up.

This picture doesn't do my nostril any favors.  HA!

I've been wearing my braces for 41 days.

I can't tell much difference yet, but I know things are definitely happening.  I can feel it.  Achy teeth and having them feel loose is a definite sign that things are working and we are on the right path.

Dr. Lay said right now all we are doing is lining everything up vertically and that this isn't a real exciting phase.  That made me feel a little better, but I'm ready to see some progress.  I keep having to tell myself this is going to take two years.  It isn't going to happen over night.

This picture was taken at church this past Sunday.

My eyes go straight to my braces.  I'm still not loving how I look in them.  Hopefully I will get used to it or it is going to be a long two years.

And that guy standing next to me?  How thin is he looking these days?  I'm so proud of him.  He has been eating healthy and working toward a goal weight.  It makes me sick how easily he can lose weight.

He joins on me on this journey with adult braces tomorrow.  I'm not going to lie.  I've been so ready for him to endure all this too.

He goes tomorrow to have one extraction.  I wish that I was able to go with him since he went with me.  He insist that he will be fine and there is no reason for me to go.  And he is probably right.  He is not a big baby about this kind of stuff like I am.  I just wish I could be there if he needs anything afterward.  I won't get home until a couple hours after his extraction.

Such a goofball.

He will get his spacers this Friday and then his braces next Friday.

He only has to endure top braces.  Lucky him!

In just a few days we will be a pair of brace faces.

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