Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This week teachers and students across the state of Arkansas are working through the Benchmark test.  It still amazes me how exhausting this week is not just for students taking the test, but also for teachers and staff who administer the test.  I spend my mornings walking in circles.  I'm not supposed to sit down.  I'm not supposed to read or work on anything.  I just walk around in circles making sure students are on the correct page - but without looking at the test material - and monitor the time.  It is a long week for everyone.

I come home wanting to do nothing but crawl into bed and sleep and then find myself wrapped up in party planning with the husband.  We are planning a porch party.

We could not be more excited about this.  We plan to have lots of food and yard games for everyone to enjoy.  Special outfits have been ordered.  Lots of flags have been ordered.  

I'm having such a fun time planning with the husband and Krystal who is serving as my co-planner.  

At the beginning of April I decided to do two different 30 day challenges.  So far so good.  But man were my legs sore those first few days.  The idea of a 5 minute plank scares me and seems impossible but I am determined to do it.

I have really been struggling with waiting for a baby this past week.  Satan has been attacking more fiercely than he has ever attacked in this area.  I've cried and felt guilty for wanting a baby. I've thrown a temper tantrum...more than once in the past week.  

And then God - who loves me far more than I deserve - reminded me of these words.

And I immediately began to pray.  

 I thanked him for this sweet time with my husband. 

It wasn't easy but I was able to truly thank God for our wait. 

 And I turned the wait over to him yet again.  

Growing pains are well...painful.

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  1. 1. a porch party sounds so much fun!
    2. I'll add you to my constant prayer list. So sorry you're struggling. We didn't really struggle with infertility, but we did lose a baby, so I totally get the temper tantrums. Praying for you right now!