Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cherished Moments

Yesterday was Field Trip Friday.

I was thankful for a day outside of the classroom.

I love my job but after a tough day on Thursday I wasn't sure how I would have gotten through the day on Friday.

Thursday was one of those days where all I could do was cry and ask God why it wasn't our turn to be parents yet.  It was a day where I screamed with frustration because I do not understand why our situation has to be the way it is.

So I was more than thankful to hop on a bus with my two coworkers and 65 sixth graders and drive two hours to Magic Springs, an amusement park.

I ended up sort of abandoning my coworkers to ride rides with our students.


But I am so glad that I did.

They were all fighting for my attention.  They thought it was so cool that their teacher was riding roller coasters or whatever they wanted to ride.

At one point I was standing in line with one of the girls and the lady behind us asked if she was my daughter.

My heart swelled!

Shortly after the group of girls I was riding with asked if they could call me Mama Weaver.

My heart almost burst!

It was pretty much the greatest compliment that they could have given me.

With all the students yelling my name and wanting to ride rides with me, I felt pulled in a million directions.  It was pretty much perfect.

It wasn't just my current students vying for my attention.  The amusement park was only open to schools and it just so happened that HG, my previous school, was there.  It was so fun to see lots of my former students.  They were all a bit shocked when they realized that yes that was Mrs. Weaver they just passed.

Before the day was over I decided to ride this thing called the Sky Shark with two students.  It was pretty much the scariest thing I've ever done.  But it was so much fun.

It was a sweet memory with these two girls that I will always remember.

When we arrived back at school one of the girls told me she had a cherished moment today.

Me too!

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  1. God knows just what you need and when you need it. standing in prayer with you my friend.