Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Friday afternoon Andrew headed to Osceola to help his parents get some things done around their house.  Unfortunately I had to stay behind since we were having Saturday school to make up for one of our snow days.  

It was just the three of us Friday night.

We were up late Friday.  We don't sleep well without A home.  

Somehow I forgot to put my phone on the charger Friday before finally falling asleep and it died in the middle of the night.  No phone = no alarm.  I happened to wake up about twenty minutes before I needed to leave for work.  

Not how I wanted to start my day.

We had our annual Fun Day at school Saturday - a first for me since I'm new to QES.  Our PTO puts together different stations for the kids to go to.  Water guns and bouncy houses everywhere.  I was able to enjoy it until noon when I had to go to a math meeting.

Andrew and the nephews got home late Saturday night long after I had gone to bed.

They were exhausted.  They worked A LOT yesterday but it sounded like they accomplished a lot too.  They all slept in this morning.

Since they had worked so hard yesterday I thought I would be helpful and mow the yard today.  I wasn't out there very long when the lawn mower died.  The boys finally got it running again.  I went back out there and five minutes later it died again.  They got it running and Andrew made a few laps around the yard to make sure it was really working.  Then I sat down on it and it died again.  At that point we called it quits.  Clearly the yard wasn't meant to be mowed today.

Instead we went for a little froyo and to check out the Little Red River.

We came home and played a few games of bocce.  

Fun times.  

These three make me laugh so hard.  Everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - is a competition with them.  I love having the nephews here.  They make me think being a boy mom someday wouldn't be such a bad thing.  :)

Oh and look at who joined the braces club this past week.

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