Monday, June 8, 2015

The Process

We are officially an open home meaning we can now be matched with children.

When that happened is a little sketchy.

Our adoption journey has been a little tense lately.

The fun and excitement has been sucked out of it.

From the very beginning of the process we have been told that once we get to this point we would no longer have a state employee on our side.  We would pretty much be on our own.  We were told that if we saw a group we were interested in we were to contact their adoption specialist.

That's what we did.  

Last Thursday we met with an adoption specialist in our area.  She had matched us with a sibling group of three little girls.  

Through meeting with her about the three little girls we learned that we do have an adoption specialist on our side.

There is someone that serves as our go-between so to speak.

Things got ugly.

We side stepped a few steps of the process by talking to the adoption specialist of the group we are interested in.

Today the offer of the three little girls was withdrawn.  They will no longer consider us for that group.

Andrew and I had already determined that these three little girls were not meant to be ours.

Our adoption specialist that works for us has removed herself from the process of us pursuing the original group.  

It's been a very frustrating few days.

For the past several months we have been asking the right questions and have been getting the wrong answers.

We now know the process and will follow those procedures.

I'm writing this post simply to inform any one who might happen to read it and be pursuing adoption.  I know that it is different in every state, but here in Arkansas you DO have someone who will work with you and for you once you are an open home.

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  1. I'm not sure how I happened upon your blog , but I'm glad I did. We were told that open families no longer had an adoption specialist. That our resource worker serves as our specialist. The process is so confusing and frustrating.