Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Mini Update

Friday, June 16

It's IUI Day!  I woke up feeling blessed.  Just so very blessed.  

I'm very teary this morning.  Liberty has not left my side.  She is very concerned about all the crying going on this morning.  Dogs don't really understand the difference between sad tears and grateful tears.  And it's grateful tears this morning.

I feel covered in prayer by so many people.  There are no words to describe how appreciative I am of that.

Everything seems to be lining up perfect.

It feels like Baby Weaver day.

I'm just happy.  A little reserved and hesitant but a lot happy.

Tuesday, June 20

I had planned to save everything for when we knew the results but I've had  several people message me to ask how I have been feeling and when we would know the results.  Because so many people are praying on our behalf I don't want to leave everyone hanging.  I hate it when books or movies do that.

It's not much but here's the latest update.

The procedure was a little more painful than our first IUI.  Andrew was across the room and I came very close to asking him to come over and hold my hand.  My doctor kept asking the nurse for different instruments.  I just closed my eyes and prayed for God to guide her hands and help her do what she needed to do.  Right as the nurse opened a new tool my doctor said nevermind.  She got it.  Afterwards she told me I did not want them to use that new tool, that it was very painful.  Praise God she didn't have to use it.

When the procedure was over they left me to lie down for about 10 minutes.  I closed my eyes and prayed and just relaxed.  If they had left me there much longer I could have fallen asleep.

With  IUI I was able to resume normal activities once I left the doctor's office.  

I had some cramping that first day which is totally normal.

Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday I had moments throughout the day where I felt nauseous. It sounds silly but if you've dealt with infertility you know that you sometimes have to remind yourself that it can't already be morning sickness.  I'm pretty sure it was a side effect from the trigger shot.  Maybe it has just been nerves.  I don't know.  It's hard not to analyze every little thing I feel.

As for results I have an appointment for Thursday morning to check my progesterone.  This will let us be sure that I did in fact ovulate when we think.  While this is not an indicator of pregnancy it can be an indicator of no pregnancy.  When we did our first IUI back in January by progesterone was very low at this point and we knew then I was not pregnant.   I don't really feel nervous about the appointment.  I believe our timing was spot on and that my progesterone will be where it is supposed to be.

I do fear it being where it is supposed to be and me taking that as a positive pregnancy test even though in my head I know it doesn't work that way.

The big results...well we have a few weeks of waiting before we know anything.  We have not shared the exact date with anyone.  Whether it is positive or negative we want to have time to process the news before sharing with our family and friends.  But don't worry I promise to let you all know something as soon as we are ready to share.

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