Monday, June 5, 2017

The Fourth Annual Americana Porch Party

It seems as soon as one year's party ends my mind goes to the next year's party.

I'm already thinking about centerpieces and outfits for next year.

How do we make it better?

I may say it every year but I think this year was the best year yet.

The porch looked great as always.

We had our biggest group yet this year.


Andrew says we are shooting for 50 next year.

In order for you to truly appreciate the growth, let's take a look back...

First Annual...2014

Second the rain

Third Annual...2016

And the Fourth Annual...2017

I love having these group pictures every year.  It's fun to watch new family members and friends join us.  

The group photo starts the party...

It was time to eat.

A huge shout out to Carl for providing all the meat...he smoked turkey, pastrami, and pork tenderloin.  I sampled it all and it was all AMAZING...and I don't even like pastrami. :)

As people were waiting to eat or finish up their lunch we snapped a few more fun pictures.

I shared the camera with Uncle Kevin.  It made me smile when I started going through pictures.  I think he captured his heart...

The Annual Porch Party brings with it the celebration of two very special people.  We love getting to celebrate Jayna & Jessica's birthdays.

Photographed and well fed, it was time for yard games.

Andrew outdid himself this year with yard games.

Whatever your favorite yard game may be, I'm sure we had it set up.

This is  easily one of my favorites from the day.  This is my niece Kandace.  I was just looking at her thinking about how tall, how pretty, and how sweet she is!

 Deep concentration before she throws...

Yes...Andrew and I changed outfits this year...we were too fancy for yard games.  Picking out our outfits is one of my favorite things about this party.  We have fun with it.





Andrew and I love this party.  But I will say we do not do this by ourselves.  My kitchen is full of women (and a few men) the entire time helping prepare the meal and clean up after the meal.  There are men moving about everywhere setting up tables and chairs, yard games, and any other last minute things.  We are so thankful for all the help.

And we don't have any pictures but my favorite part of this party is preparing care packages for soldiers who are out there fighting for our freedom and are away from their families.  The biggest sacrifice!  Everyone brings items and we fill as many boxes as we can.  I'm glad Andrew started this tradition the first year.

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