Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best Birthday Party Ever Part 1

The morning of the husband's birthday I woke up bright and early at six o'clock with great anxiety and nervousness. I still wasn't sure how I was going to get him to his surprise party. My plan the night before hadn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped. But I knew there was nothing I could do about it and I had plenty to do so I quietly rolled out of bed and got dressed. I did not want to wake the birthday boy. I ran to Wal-Mart to buy the adhesive I needed to finish centerpieces and then bought ice for the drinks. After those things were taken care of I flew home to finish all the last minute details. First on the list were the centerpieces. Thankfully they came together easily. I made boxes that displayed pictures of the husband throughout the years. I was really pleased with how they turned out. They were fun to put together.

(Checking out a pic from their high school days)

Next on the to do list was getting everything loaded in my car before the husband woke up. I was so afraid of forgetting something. This was the first party that I've done so I just kept thinking of things like serving tools for cake, something to light candles with, and all the little things I had for decor. By the time the car was loaded it was around 9 and the husband was awake. I was an absolute nervous wreck. I thought it was the perfect time for a shower. I knew I couldn't just lay in bed and mindlessly watch TV with him. During this time I text our nephew, Tyler. See the plan was for Tyler to invite Andrew to play basketball. That's how we were going to get him to the party. But when Tyler asked multiple times the night before, he couldn't get Andrew to commit. Plan B was for Tyler call and invite him again that morning, but this time add that Andrew's brother, Cary, was going to be there. When Andrew's phone rang, he looked at it, saw that it was Tyler, and completely ignored it. Grr!! He was determined to spend the day being lazy. And I was going crazy!!!!

I looked at him and told him he was being a stubborn man. When he asked what I meant, I told him that the boys were trying to get him out of the house for me. I told him I was making him dinner that night and I needed him out of the house so I could set up because it was a special dinner. I told him to get out and go play ball with the boys.

I pretended to be upset. He just laughed.

With that taken care of, I left to get my pedicure, pick up cake and balloons, and decorate.

Everything went smoothly until I arrived at the bakery to pick up the cake. They closed the box all the way and the top of the basketball stuck to the top of the box. When they opened the top of the basketball came off. She told me it wouldn't take long to fix, but I was completely panicked. The balloons were all together in one cluster instead of five different cluster. The woman working on the balloons was a complete ditz. I'm sure I was only in there a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity. I just kept checking the clock. I was scared I wouldn't get it all done.

But alas, they fixed the cake and separated the balloons. I was back in the car and headed to the gym.

I'll pick up the story tomorrow with the decor and guest. For now this post is long enough and I'm tired.

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  1. I would love a blog makeover - but I do not know how to do any of those things - I cannot find how to be a follower on your page or hers. :(