Sunday, April 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I have been without Internet for the past few days and haven't been able to blog. It seems like I have so much I've wanted to blog about lately too. I'll give it to you in snippets.

**The husband was out of town for two weeks. They were a long two weeks!!! He came home Friday.

**We went to dinner tonight. We noticed the dome light in his car was on. Someone broke in and stole his XM radio tuner. They didn't take anything else. We have no idea when it happened. We're thinking they jimmied the door and the alarm went off and that's all they could grab. His glove box was open, which is where he keeps his ipod, but it was still there. We called the cops. He's waiting on them now. We will be moving soon.

**We had a wonderful Easter service this morning. The place was absolutely packed to the gills. There wasn't an empty seat in that church. It was so awesome to hear that many voices being lifted up in praise to our God.

**We've spent the weekend car shopping. I think it's time to upgrade for the husband. His Camry is a good car. She's treated us well, but he isn't comfortable taking it on long trips. He might even be buying a new car in the morning.

**We've got a big week this week. Thursday night we are taking Liam Bailey to a baseball game. Friday night we are going to see James Taylor (happy dance) and then Sunday I have a baby shower to go to.

**Oh and we also had some pretty severe storms here this last week. They seem to always happen when I'm home alone. Tornado warnings all around. We were without Internet and the weather had made us lose TV so we were pretty clueless. Liberty, Liam, and I hung out in the laundry room for an hour or so. I downloaded a local radio app on my phone so I would know what's going on. Jill was also keeping me informed and telling me when to take cover.

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