Monday, September 5, 2011

A Hint of Fall

I opened the backdoor long enough to let Liberty and Liam out this morning. It was a bit cool. I immediately thought it felt and maybe even smelled a bit like fall.

It might have gotten me all excited. I'm excited. I love everything about fall. Plus I have a new dress, new boots, and a new jacket all just waiting to be worn this fall. I CAN NOT WAIT.

To me fall starts with the first Razorback game. That took place this past Saturday. It's time to break out all the fall/Razorback decor. Maybe I'll share some pics with you soon. They might have even be taken with my new camera...a birthday present from the husband that I'll share more about it later. I'm waiting for it to arrive. I have a new "fall" scent from scentsy called pumpkin marshmallow. It is wonderful! You must try it. I'm thinking about hosting a party later this month. If you live in the area, would you come? I'm always so nervous about hosting things like this. What if no one shows up? Aww my insecurities.


The husband spent the weekend in Osceola visiting with his family and helping his parents work on their new house. We were supposed to go together, but Friday I decided we should go our separate ways. Me to my family Friday night and him to his on Saturday. I was WAY behind on grading papers, because who grades papers on their birthday or after sitting at he first football game all night? I knew going to Osceola would leave me stressed out today trying to finish everything before tomorrow. I guess I could have taken it with me and worked on it there, but that seemed a bit rude to me.

I'm glad I decided to stay behind because I've been sick all weekend. I have a horrible cold. I'm sneezing all over all the place and I can't be up for more than a few minutes before I feel awful and need to sit back down. I wanted so badly to have the house clean before the husband came home, but I just haven't felt like it. I managed to get about half of my papers graded Saturday night and I've done a bit of laundry here and there.

I'm feeling a little better this morning so maybe I can get a little more done before he comes home.

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  1. I had the same Fall feelings yesterday. I am SO READY!!!! Hope you feel better soon.