Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flash Mobs & A Recipe

Last week I received an email asking me to participate in our pep rally today. I LOVE stuff like this. It reminds how much I've come out of my shell since high school. I've really lightened up with stuff like this and I know I owe it to the husband. Anyway. I saw that it was a dance so I jumped at the opportunity to participate. It also said something about a flash mob, and being uncool, I had no idea what that was, but it sounded fun.

When I learned exactly what a flash mob was, I even more excited. Apparently it's a new craze. It's planned, but appears spontaneous. One person starts dancing in the middle of say Target. Slowly one by one people start joining in until there is a crowd doing this dance.

So there are kids sat enjoying a typical pep rally this afternoon when our high school principal started to make an announcement. He barely got started and all of a sudden a Justin Beiber song started blaring. He pretended to be upset that he had been interrupted and then he broke down into our dance. He really hammed it up. The kids went wild immediately. One by one several teachers, including me, made our way down to the gym floor and joined him.

It was so much fun. Since I was dancing I didn't get any pictures. You'll have to take my word that we were GOOD and the kids loved it. :)

Just another reason I'm blessed by my job.

I found a recipe on pinterest awhile back that I wanted to try. Ya'll I never get excited about a new recipe. I don't enjoy cooking. But I've been excited about trying this one. Andrew has been working extremely late for a couple of weeks and we've pretty much eaten dinner separately except on the weekends for the past two weeks. He has been getting ready for tomorrow, when he leaves for a couple of weeks.

I was determined to try this recipe tonight even if it meant I didn't eat until 8. We still ate separately, but we ate the same meal this time.

The recipe was for sweet and spicy bacon chicken. You can find it here. I baked instead of grilled because I have no idea how to turn our grill on. That's the husband's territory.

The chicken was really good. I'm not a huge fan of glazed brown sugar so I would probably leave that out next time. I know that takes away the sweet part. Ours was pretty much all sweet because I didn't use enough chili powder. I was fearful of using too much and ended up using too little.

The husband told me several times that the chicken was really good so we will be adding to the short list of meals I not only know how to make, but will eat. HA!

I also made dessert. We love cheesecake and it's an easy dessert that I know will not go to waste. Over the week, we (or I since he is leaving) will eat the whole thing.

But you, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.

Psalm 3:3

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  1. Oh I wish you had a video of the flash mob...they are so popular and are so fun to watch!

    Proud of you for trying a new recipe! :) It looks/sounds yummy!