Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Adventure

Life is changing here at the Weaver house.  Big time changing.

The husband has accepted a new job.  A job that means we have to pack up our house and move.  To the lake!  

We are very excited about this new adventure.  

Being the kind of person who opposes any change, whether that be small or big change, I was a little hesitant when we first started talking about it.  Mainly because I LOVE my job.  I'm finally teaching English and it is an absolute dream come true.  I have the best principal and coworkers who are truly some of my best friends.  Moving means a change in jobs and I'm a little scared of the unknown.  

Other than having to go through the interview process, which I hoped to never have to do again, I'm thrilled about this move.

My husband is more excited than I've seen him in a while and that excitement is contagious.

This move means living much closer to my parents, grandparents, and my brother and his wife.  That makes me VERY happy.

Life will be challenging over the next few months because Andrew will move to our new place of residence at the end of the calendar year.  I am staying here until the end of the school year.  

It won't be easy, but we'll make the best of it.

The husband won't have to travel anymore which will be very nice.

It's a big change, but I believe God's hand is in it.  I have complete peace about this decision. 

And on a completely separate furbaby momma's heart is excited for Lincoln.  He has started jumping up on the bed all by himself.  It's a big accomplishment. Ha!

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  1. I was in cedarcreek to see Alex and found out about your move! Its is exciting! I have a home listed in Heber Springs if you decide to buy, let me know and I can show ti to you or send you the information:) Also have buyers loking in your area if your selling your home:) Can't wait to see what God is doing!! I kno wyou will love being closer to your family, bet your furbabies will love the lake and you have Sinclare and Amanda there already!! Hugs!