Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Snow and I are no longer friends.  In fact I HATE snow.  

Strong? Yes.

Irving Berlin clearly did not have to worry about electricity or heat when he wrote I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.

The snow started Tuesday night around 6:00.  I'm not sure what time it stopped, but it dropped well over six inches.

This would have been fine and dandy but the "blizzard" also knocked out our power.  You read that right.  In Arkansas six to ten inches is considered a blizzard. We are not equipped to deal with this much snow at one time.

We lost power around 11 pm Tuesday night.  
Andrew left for a business trip yesterday morning.  

I was left here with our two crazy animals.  We made it just fine yesterday. I got out for a few hours to get food and charge my phone in the car.  

Last night I opened the garage door and watched Friends while eating dinner in the Benz.

Andrew received a little flashlight in his stocking for Christmas.  I used that little light to read all night.

Once it was time for bed I added two fleece blankets to the bed and put on an extra layer of clothes.  Add two warm dogs and I made it through the night just fine.

Today I lost it.  I was going crazy.  I found a hotel in a town 45 miles away.  That was the closest one that had a room available.  They even had a room that was pet friendly.  

The dogs and I loaded up and headed out.  We got there before check in time so I was sitting in a parking lot watching Friends (I love my car) and having lunch.  A friend who lives in my subdivision text me and said she had power.

I cancelled my hotel room and we drove the 45 miles back home.  On the way home my windshield was hit and cracked by a rock.

I wanted to cry!

I got home only to discover that I still didn't have power.  Every street in my subdivision had power except mine.

At that point I did cry!!

My friend that had text me said I could spend the night with her.  She was even willing to put up with my dogs.  :)

There was a truck from the electric company working in our neighborhood so I held off.  

Four hours later I was still without power and getting ready to go to her house, when the most wonderful thing happened.

Our power came back on.

There are still LOTS of people in Arkansas who are without power.  The electric company is saying it could be seven days or longer before some places are restored.  

I can't imagine going through this with little ones or elderly family members.

I pray for those without power - that they would find a way to stay warm and safe.

I also pray for those out there working to restore power.  It can't be a fun job.  I know it is a dangerous job.  

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