Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh What A Day!

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Liberty Belle woke us up hacking like she was going to throw up.  She continued to do this all day Saturday and Sunday so Andrew took her to the vet today. 

Sweet girl has a cold.  Apparently her hacking is a dog cough.

We left the vet with two meds for her to take and lighter wallets.  

Dog colds aren't cheap.

I got in my car today at lunch to go grab something to eat only to find that my car wouldn't start.  One of our maintenance men came out during my planning period to try and jump start it.  No luck!  My batter was dead!

Andrew had to leave work early to come pick me up.  We went and picked Lib up from the vet, grabbed dinner, bought a new battery, and headed back to school to get my car.

It was way too cold tonight to be changing a battery.  I'm thankful Andrew got it done quickly.

On a happier note...

My brother called me this afternoon to tell me I was right.  He and Melissa are having a little girl.  

But then he told me he was right too.  They are also having a little boy.


A baby for each of Aunt E's arms!

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  1. I can't believe they are having TWINS!! That is so fun! I know you are so excited!

    And poor LB...hope she feels better soon!