Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why A Sibling Group

This is my younger brother, Seth.

He is one of my best friends.  Growing up we spent many of days fighting, but we also spent many of days playing outside together.  

During the winter months Seth would get moved to my bedroom and we would close off his bedroom.  Before we would fall asleep each night I would pretend to be asleep and would roll over and lay my arm across his face.  He would gently put my arm back on my side of the bed.

I would do it again.

(I wasn't always the nicest big sister)

Again he would gently move my arm.

Next I would throw my leg over him.

He must of thought I was the wildest sleeper ever.  

A few times I would "fall" out of bed.

And every single time Seth would pick me up and put me back in bed.

Fastforward several years.  

I remember a particularly hard weekend while I was in college.  All I wanted was to come home for the weekend but I was a poor college student with no gas money.  Seth gave me his allowance that week so that I could come home.  It's was an act of kindness that I will never forget.

Now my brother is grown and married.  He's about to be a daddy for the first time in a few months.  


I cannot wait to watch him take on that little adventure.  I know he will do it with the same enthusiasm and dedication that he gives everything he does in life.  

Andrew is the youngest of six.  

His love for his siblings in one of the many things I love about him.   They are some of his very best friends.  They too have story after story of great memories from their childhood.  Lots of mischief and lots of laughter.  

Our siblings are a big part of our life.  

When we made the decision to adopt we knew from the beginning that we wanted to adopt a sibling group.  It absolutely breaks our heart to think about these kids growing up without their brothers and sisters.

They've been through enough already.  They've lost their parents and pretty much every part of their life as they've known it.  

We want to give a group of children the opportunity to grow up with their brothers and sisters.  

So why a sibling group?

Because we can't imagine life without our siblings.


  1. Love this :-) there is such a great need for people to adopt sibling groups, so I am SO glad you are open to it. The thought of splitting siblings up is just heartbreaking.

  2. So true! We adopted a sibling group and we were told they were just weeks away from being split up. Adoptive parents actually asked if they could adopt one of them, not both. Thankful that we were able to find them in time and they are now growing up together.