Tuesday, August 30, 2016

33 on my 33rd

Today I am another year older.

Today I am 33.

So in honor of this big occasion I decided to share 33 random facts about ME.

So here we go...

1. Nightgowns are my favorite form of pajamas.

2. I jam out to Meghan Trainor.

3. One of my biggest regrets is not having the guts to try out for the University of Arkansas band.

4. I love a new clean planner.  As soon as I write in one, I want to throw it out and buy a new one.

5. I don't like my handwriting, hence me wanting to throw away perfectly good planners.

6. I watch daily vlogs on YouTube - you know random people filming their lives.  I consider them my friends.

7. I'm scared of water.  I don't want to go under or be splashed in the face.  Showers are okay because I'm in control there.

8. Apple is my favorite juice, but I didn't discover I liked it until I was 31.

9. I don't drink coffee.  Ever.  Any.  I don't even like the smell of it.

10. I've always wanted to play Bingo in one of those Bingo halls with all the old people who take it very seriously.

11. For a very brief time, I had my nose pierced.

12.  I don't eat sauce on my pizza unless it's Alfredo.

13. I love the beach but hate the ocean.

14.  I don't know how to drive a standard.

15. I love pictures - both taking them and being in them.

16. I get car sick.

17. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

18. I'm always cold.

19. I've never broken any bones.

20.  But I've had my fair share of stitches.

21. I'm a people pleaser.

22.  Confrontation makes my physically ill.

23. I'm a snoop.  I was the kid who found my Christmas presents before Christmas.

24. But I also love a good surprise, so I would only find a couple of my presents.  Never all of them.

25. Only my husband will understand this one but I HAVE NEVER put peanut butter in the refrigerator.

26. When we were in high school my two best friends and I threw thongs at Clay Walker while attending his concert.  We bought them at K-Mart right before the concert.  Clearly we were very mature.

27. When I was very young I fell on a floor furnace and burned my hands, knees, and stomach.  For the longest time I had a tic tac toe board scar on my stomach.

28. I'm a nail biter.  I keep my nails painted to avoid this habit.

29. I'm an introvert.

30. I don't like plain milk.  Chocolate only.

31.  And speaking of milk, I don't put it in my cereal.  Ever.

32.  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Burlesque are two movies that I watch every time they are on TV.

33.  I don't like hand-sanitizer.

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  1. I don't put peanut butter in the refrigerator either it makes it hard and gross