Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Three Part Vacation: Part Two - Charleston, SC


I got my first glimpse of Charleston Sunday evening. 

We were pretty much exhausted after our day of golf and zip lining so it was straight to the hotel once we were in Charleston.


We woke up Monday morning ready to explore a plantation.  There were three close to our hotel.  We decided to begin with Middleton Place. We had hoped to do a carriage tour of the property but apparently it was too hot for the horses.  Yes, that's what they told us and they weren't even all that nice about it.

So we decided to leave and check out Magnolia Plantation instead.  

We loved Magnolia Plantation.

It was beautiful.

Once we finished exploring the plantation we hit the outlet mall for a little shopping.  I'm not sure why my husband even packed clothes.  I think he bought more than he packed.

Monday night we got all dressed up to go out to dinner.  We ate at Poogan's Porch which was delicious!!  We did not have a reservation which apparently you need for just about everywhere in Charleston so we ended up sitting at the bar.

But it was still fun.


We had a list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to go but no real itinerary.  We just woke up each day and decided what we wanted to do on that particular day.

Tuesday we decided to explore the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter.

USS Yorktown was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy.

It was HUGE.

Matching Spouses. :)

 Top Gun

We did an audio tour of the ship.  It was very neat but it was H-O-T HOT!

We ended up taking a break between USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter to sit in the car with the AC and just rest for a little bit.

It was a much needed break and gave us a little energy boost for Fort Sumter.

We rode a ferry out and had about an hour to explore.


Wednesday morning we went to the visitor's center and purchased passes that allowed us to tour four historic homes in downtown Charleston.  Andrew and I love to look at homes and we were pretty excited to visit a few homes with such history.

Before we could tour any homes we needed breakfast.

Okay so maybe I wanted breakfast more than I  needed it.

Remember how I said you need reservations in Charleston.  That was pretty much true for breakfast too.  We ate at Hominy Grill and the place was packed.

But it was well worth it.

Andrew said this was the best meal of the trip.

After breakfast we toured the Rhett-Aiken House and the Joseph Manigault House.

We scheduled a walking tour of Charleston for 2:00 in the afternoon on what was probably the hottest day of our vacation.

Doesn't that sound fun?

Walking around outside for two hours in the summer heat?

It was crazy hot but we had a good tour guide so it wasn't too bad.

If you ignore the fact that we were both dripping with sweat it was a fun time.

He took us around downtown Charleston and shared lots of fun stories about the town's history.  One of the things I was so enthralled with were the doors on homes.

The side of the house  faced the street making it look like a front door.

It's not.  It a door to their front porch.

So simple of a thing, but I found it so neat.

Wednesday evening I got to go inside Lush Cosmetics.

I went in one several years ago in California, but sadly I didn't have an appreciation for it back then.

This time though...I was in Heaven.

I wanted to buy all the things.

The only thing that kept me from doing that was my husband.

But I did get a few things.

I bought shower cream which is like shower gel and let me just tell you I am OBSESSED!

I also bought a few bath bombs because those are always a must.

It's probably a good thing I don't have a store near by.


We started the day at Boone Plantation.

I was most excited about this Plantation because it was featured in one of my all time favorite chic-flicks.

Do you recognize it?

This is Allie's summer home in The Notebook.

We visited two more historic homes and the City Market.

We toured the Heyward-Washington House and the Nathaniel Russel House.

This was easily our favorite of the four homes.

Then it was back to the hotel for a good night's rest.

We had to gear up for part three.

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  1. We love the Carolinas! Charleston is my favorite and my sister loves Myrtle Beach. My husband and I really want to go to Asheville some time!! It looks like you guys had an awesome vacation!!