Friday, August 12, 2016

Five on Friday: Back to School Edition

Friday...the last one before school starts.

Everyone has been asking me if I'm ready for Monday.

Yes and no...just depends on the moment.

I'm in no way ready to turn on my alarm clock and dive into my closet in search of something other than workout capris and comfy t-shirts.

But I am ready to get to know my students and help them become more confident mathematicians and scientists.


I got a fun little back to school manicure earlier this week.


I also got a back to school hair cut.  I've been wanting bangs for awhile but every time I mention it, Andrew says he hates bangs so I haven't done it.

Well I finally decided I was just going to go for it.


My school had Open House last night so I busted out the pink heels.

It was a good night.  I was able to meet almost all of my students and their parents.


My classroom is decorated in a travel/adventure theme this year and I've had so much fun putting it all together.  Full classroom tour coming soon.


My wall of family and friends behind my computer desk is probably my favorite part of my room.  It makes me smile to see all these faces every day.

Ready or not Monday is coming!

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  1. You look great!!! Hope you have a wonderful year, even though we aren't neighbors anymore! Still in heart though!