Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Proud Momma

WARNING!! I'm about to brag on my dog like he is a real child!

I'm so proud. Liam is officially house trained. He has never been a problem because Liberty was house trained. Liam just went out when Liberty went out. But he himself has never been truly house trained. In the past couple of days he has been going to the backdoor whenever he needs to go to the bathroom. When you let him back in, he goes and sits patiently by the treat bag waiting on his treat. I LOVE IT!! Not sure what it was that made all this click for the little guy, but I'm so proud of him whenever he goes to the backdoor. I don't know what will happen if we aren't watching him. Liberty will sit there and cry if she really needs to go. I'm just so proud of the little guy. Before it was hard to just get him outside. He's afraid we will leave him out there.

He's a big boy now!


  1. Congrat's... It is nice when they "get it",, our house is like a zoo.. we have a gold lab and 2 cats..our dog is almost 3 and is good about letting us know when he needs to "go" and like you said then he is ready for a
    our cats are inside cats.. and at one time when we watched my daughters cat for a short time, my white simese, had a little back fire and started wanting to mark areas..but we had to put a stop to that right away and it didnt last long..thank god..
    Well again congrats..
    stop by and visit when you get time and say Hi...

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