Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Getaway Week

The husband and I have been in Gulf Shores, Alabama since Saturday. I'm a little sad that we have to head home tomorrow morning. We have really enjoyed the past few days.

We haven't done anything extraordinary, just shopping, eating, and exploring. It's just been so nice to spend a few days just the two of us. This week has been all about taking it easy and enjoying some much needed time together. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Next week it is back to real life. Though I'm happy to say that I should have my husband home full time again, at least for a while. For the time being, he is finished with travelling. Can I just say that again? He is finished with travelling. This thrills me!! We've definitely learned to live with the travelling and even to make the best of it. I do believe that all his travelling has been good for our marriage in some ways, but I also know its much better to have him home.

The next few days are going to busy ones for us as I'm sure they will be for everyone. we will be spending time with our families and enjoying that time together. In just a couple of weeks we will be celebrating our anniversary and I will be headed back to work for the second half of the school year.

I have nothing else to say so I'm going to abruptly stop this post and pack my bags. Heading out early tomorrow morning.

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