Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Off to a Good Start

I am officially on Christmas break. I had to go to work today until 10:30 and then the fun started.

I called my Mommom on my way home to get the 411 on Christmas Eve plans. I ended up talking to her for two hours. I wish I lived closer to her. I'd like to visit with her more than I do.

I managed to do a little cleaning while on the phone with her. I was just walking around the house picking things up and putting them away.

After I got off the phone with her I started watching a cheesy Christmas movie that I DVR'd. The DVR is set to record quite a few cheesy movies over the next few days. I just love them. Don't you?

In the middle of my movie I decided that I was hungry for some DQ. I drove 40 minutes to Conway for some DQ. In case you were wondering, it was well worth it. While in Conway I decided to check out a toy store my sister-in-laws told me about. They always find the neatest little stores. This one didn't disappoint. As soon as I walked in, I text Jill that it was very overwhelming. They had everything you could ever dream of as a child. I just wish I still had little ones that I need to buy for this year. They were the first ones I bought gifts for.

However, I did find this amazing playmat.

I wanted to buy it so bad. But it was $50 and I don't have a baby to play on it. Some day though. :)

I came home from my shopping/DQ expedition and started scrapbooking. I scrapbooked our Christmas cards from last year and a few from this year. I love keeping them and going back and looking through them. It's fun to see how families grow and change over the years.

I finished my cheesy movie and then played around on the computer. For some reason, I don't get emails from my sister-in-law. She is the only one that I have problems with. I have never blocked and her and the emails aren't in my spam or any other folder. I have no idea what I can't get new emails from her. Replies work just fine. Any ideas?

Anyway...Christmas break is off to a great start. Tomorrow I have lunch with two sweet ladies.

These are going to be a good two weeks.

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  1. It's our new favorite toy store. Amelia loves the train that goes around the top of the store...she keeps her eye on it the entire time we're in there! :) Surely between our two IT husbands, they can figure out why you can't receive my emails!! HA!

    Have fun at lunch with Jen & Sandi!!

    Oh, and I watch at least one cheesy Christmas movie every evening. :)