Saturday, December 10, 2011

Say Cheese

I decided months ago what I wanted for our Christmas card this year. In my head it was absolutely perfect.

In real life - Well, it didn't turn out quite the way I had planned.

So then began the agony of trying to find a plan B. I had no idea what to do since Plan A failed. The husband and I never seemed to have a free day together when it was nice outside.

Until yesterday. We were both home with no plans and it was pretty outside.

We got dressed and headed to the backyard.

The only way to sum our photo adventure - FAIL!

I didn't like anything about our backyard. The dogs weren't being cooperative. It just wasn't a good deal.

My favorite picture of the day is this one.

Last night while I was out picking up dinner, an idea hit me. It was perfect. I came home and shared the idea with the husband. He agreed.

Plan C was on!

We got back in the car and set out do some shopping. Props were needed. We thought we had everything we needed. We came home and began getting dressed for a picture only to discover we no longer owned one of the needed props.

Photo shoot postponed.

I did some Christmas shopping today and picked up the last needed prop. Tonight we had fun taking our Christmas card pictures. We laughed which means you know they are some good pictures.

I absolutely cannot wait to get them in the mail. I think they will bring a smile to the faces of the recipients.

I don't want to share any of the pictures with you just yet. I want it to be a surprise. Once I've mailed them out, I promise to share the card with you. :)

Until then you will just have to wonder.

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