Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little Staycation

Andrew surprised my by taking Thursday and Friday off.  Since he was also off on Wednesday for the 4th, we've been able to enjoy 5 days together.  It has been really nice.

We played golf every morning.  I finally made some progress yesterday morning.  Fixed a big problem that has been very frustrating for me.  My ball goes straight now. :)

We took naps every day in the afternoon.  Oh how I love a good nap.

The husband helped me with some big projects in my classroom.  Thankful for that!

We did some shopping.
 My husband has the amazing ability to look at light bulbs for 30+ minutes.  Seriously, it's a light bulb.  Just pick one.

Are these not the most awesome golf pants ever?!?  I've decide I love golf clothes because you can seriously wear ANYTHING and it be normal.  Unfortunately though I could squeeze myself into these, there was no way I could move in them.  They are still at the store. :(

We have laughed with each other and at each other over the last few days.
We have just enjoyed each other while being bums.  It has been so nice.  We ended it perfectly tonight with some Casa Mexicana on our back patio.

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  1. Ha! I love your comment about the light bulbs! I sooooo get it! hehe