Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Saturday

The nephews are here today.  They followed us home last night after Pryce's birthday party.

Can't believe he is 15!  He was so tiny when Andrew and I started dating.  

This pic was taken on vacation in September 2004.  

We went out on the boat this morning.  The Winburns joined us which is always nice.  Had lunch and the boys played a couple of games of lake basketball.  I love having the nephews here.  They seem to really enjoy being out on the boat and that makes me happy.  

We also took Liberty out on The Liberty Belle for the first time today.  

She did so well.  Actually they both did so well today.  I was very proud.

Though she wasn't a fan of swimming.

I'm pretty sure I would have drowned if I hadn't been wearing a life jacket.  Ha!

Andrew blew up an air mattress for them to float around on.  They weren't too crazy about that either.

Liberty spent quite a bit of time on the boat crying because she wanted the ball that the boys were playing with.  She likes to play fetch.

She could have also been crying because Pryce was in the water and she wasn't.  My sweet brown dog LOVES Pryce.  She kept leaving me to go sit with him.  Talk about breaking a furbaby momma's heart.

Now Andrew and the nephews are out playing golf.  LBs and I are at home resting.

There is nothing sweeter than time with good family and friends.

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