Tuesday, July 16, 2013

With a Little Help From My Friend

I have really been struggling with school related things.  I've been creating things for my classroom trying to trick myself into being excited.  But the excitement just hasn't been there.

I have spent three or four days working in my classroom.  It is finally starting to feel like my classroom.  For the first few days I felt like I was intruding on someone else's territory.  

It was hard.

Working hasn't been as much fun this year.  I've been working alone.  No crafting, shopping, or bouncing ideas around with Traci.

I know I sound like a small child whining about not teaching next door to her anymore, but ya'll she is my best friend.  I miss her.

Plus I've never dealt well with change.

This past week my friend, Amanda, accepted a job in the same area.  She will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Math plus one other subject  We've been talking about decorating classrooms, discipline strategies, and everything else.

She came with me to my classroom today to help me decorate and work.  Poor girl had no idea what she was getting herself into.  HA!

Little did she know, I had a HUGE project for her.  I knew she would do a great job.

I had three full size filing cabinets and a small one in my classroom.  They were old and hideous.  They have bothered me since I first saw them.  I knew instantly that I wanted to give them a make over.

Then I convinced myself that was a project for next year.  I had other things I wanted to spend my time/money on.  But every time I went in my classroom, these ugly cabinets bothered me.

These pictures don't do the ugliness justice.  They were so dirty and gross.

Yesterday, I decided that I would cover them with duct tape.

I may have spent thirty minutes or more looking at duct tape in Wal-Mart trying to decide what colors I wanted to use.

Now my filing cabinets looks like this!!

This is in large part due to Amanda.  She is the duct tape artist.  I took the handles off and she did all the duct tape.

It was a full day's job.

You will notice that there are only two filing cabinets now.  Half way through, Amanda suggested we throw the others out.  HA!!  

Honestly, I can't see myself ever using them all.  And now I have a space for my mini fridge.  YAY!

I am so in love with them.  They look a THOUSAND times better.

The best part though was spending the day working in my classroom with my friend.

Today was sooo good for me.  I needed it.  It was nice to have someone there to help me and be a sounding board for my thoughts and ideas.  Even if she thinks I'm little crazy about decorating. :)

I am looking forward to repaying the favor and helping her in her new classroom.

It's nice to have a friend amidst all the change. 


  1. I enjoyed helping and hanging out with you today too.. even if I did come home and take a nap! You know I'm freaking out about my new job too, so thanks for helping calm me down!