Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Anniversary Date

We had such a great time celebrating ten years yesterday.

As soon I woke up Andrew gave me my gift.  I love that it is hard for him to hang on to a gift when he is excited to give it to me.  

He gave me a beautiful diamond owl necklace.  It is so small & dainty.  I absolutely love it.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

I had planned to wait and give him his gift at dinner, but after opening my gift I couldn't wait anymore.

Andrew isn't exactly the easiest person to buy for.  But I knew exactly what I wanted to give him for our anniversary.  He has been wanting a new watch for quite some time.  I was a little nervous about it because I've never picked out a man's watch before. 

But he loved it!  Turns out I picked out the one he had been looking at for himself.

Andrew worked yesterday so once he was off work we went out for dinner & a movie.

We ate at a local BBQ place that we've been trying to go to forever.  Andrew ate there for lunch a couple of times but every time we tried to go together they seemed to be closed.

It was worth the wait.  So yummy!  I don't really eat ribs, but oh my goodness.  Theirs were sooo good.  I had to still a couple of bites from Andrew. 

After dinner we had about an hour before the movie started.  When we drove by our little theater though there were already a few people standing in line so we decided to join them.

We were easily the oldest people there.  I'm talking twice the age of everyone else in line.

It was pretty comical.  

Our theater is exactly what you would expect to find in a small town.

One show playing at a time.

It's great.  Like stepping back in time.  

That is until there is a movie that you really want to see and our little one show theater doesn't show it until weeks after it has been released.

That's right.  Our little theater just started showing Catching Fire this weekend. 

I finally convinced Andrew months ago to watch Hunger Games in preparation for this very event.  
I was pretty pumped to finally get to see Catching Fire.

And I WAS NOT disappointed.  It was AMAZING!

As in can I please go see it again today? kind of AMAZING.

With the books I seemed to like each one less than the previous one.  

Not the case with the movies.  Catching Fire was sooo much better than Hunger Games in my opinion.

And it totally leaves you hanging.  If I hadn't already read Mockingjay and know how it all turns out I would have been very upset.  

It was a great day!  I'm looking forward to the next ten years and then some.


  1. Loved reading your post! Can I PLEASE come visit you and we have a movie date at that ADORABLE theater?!

    So glad you two had a wonderful anniversary! HAPPY TEN YEARS!!! You two are such a cute couple, too :)


  2. all this talk about ribs sure is making me hungry :) I'm so glad you had such a great anniversary!!