Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Year of Change

2013 was a year of change for my little family.

It was our adventure year.

1. Andrew started a new job. He moved to House B in our new home town while I stayed behind in House A.

2. We celebrated 9 years of marriage.

3. I became an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One.

4. We bought our first boat, The Liberty Belle

5. God reassured me that our move was exactly what we were supposed to be doing.  He showed up in a BIG way in every little detail.

6.  We sold House A and I moved into an apartment for the last couple of month of the school year.

7. We celebrated Andrew's 32nd Birthday by freezing to death at an outside table at TGIFridays

8. I had an absolute blast visiting California with my best friend and some of our amazing students.  It was bittersweet as it was my last big trip with my HG family.

9. I was hired at QES to teach 5th & 6th grade Math.

10. I finally moved back in with my husband and we enjoyed our first weekend on the lake.

11. Lincoln enjoyed his first boat ride and swim in the lake.  We found our dream home.

 12. God taught me so much in 2013, but one of the biggest eye openers for me was the conviction of my golden calf.  

13. We celebrated the 4th out on the lake and then with a quick trip to St. Louis  We enjoyed a little Phillip Philips & John Mayer.

14. We spent the last weekend of summer with Cary, Sara, Jackson, Millie, & Will.  Lots of fun memories.

15. I started my first school year as a Bulldog and realized that maybe turning 30 wasn't all that bad.

16. We enjoyed attending two of the only 3 victories for the Hogs.  Here's to a better season in 2014.

17. We were finally able to move into our dream home.  Thanks again Cody & Pryce.  We couldn't have done this without you!

18. We hosted Weaver Thanksgiving.  A very special part of our 2013.

19. Another very special part of our year was hosting my family for Christmas.

20.  We finished the year with a fun night with family & friends.  That post is coming soon. 


  1. Wow! What a great year! Thanks for sharing all the highlights. So fun to see all the pictures!