Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This has been the best Thanksgiving.

Andrew and I have dreamed about filling our home with family since the first moment we saw it.  

They started arriving Tuesday and the last guests left yesterday.

It has been a crazy, noisy, exhausting, wonderful, fun, amazing few days.

Cary & Sara came Tuesday with their kids.  

We loved having an extra day with them.

I am so incredibly thankful for Sara and all her help in the kitchen Wednesday as we prepared for dinner.  I could not have done it without her.  Sweet memories made in the kitchen.  

On Wednesday night our home was filled with 35 people.  

It was so much fun!  

Andrew and I are thankful for our big family and we loved hosting.  

There was food and people everywhere and it could not have been more perfect.

Each year after dinner we share what we are thankful for.  This year Andrew & I decided to put a little twist on that tradition.  As guest arrived we asked them to write what they are thankful for on a white board.  I snapped their pic with their board & Andrew had it set up so that the pics played as a slideshow on the TV for everyone to watch.

I think it turned out quite nicely.  

Fifteen of our guests were able to spend the night with us.  

One big sleepover.

It was so much fun.  The kids ran and played HARD until their parents told them it was time for bed.

I fell asleep smiling knowing that my house was full.  It made my heart full.

Thursday morning, Andrew, his mom, & I cooked a big breakfast for everyone.  I think breakfast was my favorite moment of hosting.

It was just sweet and simple.

After breakfast our guests began to gather their things and head out for other Thanksgiving celebrations.

Andrew and I included.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch with my family at my Mommom's.

Unfortunately I didn't take a single picture.

But we enjoyed our time with everyone.  We were missing my cousin, Tyler.  He works for Wal-Mart and Black Friday duty called.

Speaking of Wal-Mart...on the way home Andrew & I decided to stop by there and see if we could get the Shark they had on sale.  We've been wanting one for awhile now.  It is what our cleaning lady prefers to use to clean floors.

As one might expect, it was absolutely crazy.  But we were in and out in no time with our shark.

My Momma, SIL, & her sis, and I headed to Little Rock Friday for a little Black Friday shopping.  I was able to make a nice little dent in my shopping list.  I also found my wrapping paper for the year.  I'm a little OCD about wrapping paper.  I never use the same paper two years in a row and I'm very picky about what paper I use.  Every year I give my left overs to my Momma.  She hasn't had to paper in several years.

I really enjoyed spending the day with the girls.  Sweet memories I will always cherish.

Andrew's mom and dad decided to stay with us until yesterday.  We so enjoyed having them here.
When they left yesterday the house immediately felt empty and sad.  They weren't even out of the driveway yet when the tears came.  I already missed having everyone here.

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  1. This looks like the BEST Thanksgiving :) SO much love and so many great memories!! I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!