Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top Five Christmas CDs (In No Particular Order)

Growing up we only listened to one Christmas CD.  At least that is the way it seemed.  

Naturally when I was old enough to drive and had my own car (oh how I miss that mustang sometimes) I bought the exact CD my mother always listened to.

It was my favorite.  For me this CD defined Christmas music.

# 1

Then I met Andrew.  He isn't a big Anne Murrary fan.  Truth be told he HATES this album.  He forced me to listen to something different.  I tried not to like it.  I tried to stay loyal to Anne.  I really did.  But slowly but surely I began to not just like but love a new Christmas CD.

# 2

Since he had proven himself with one good Christmas CD, I was a little more open to the next Christmas CD the husband introduced me too.  After all I was already a big James Taylor fan.  I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this next CD.  For the most part I LOVE it, but there are a few songs that I have to skip over because I cannot stand them.  


I discovered this next album through Pandora and I love every song on it.   I dare say it is my favorite Christmas CD.  


This last one is still pretty new to me.  I just bought it last year.  I like it but it takes me awhile to LOVE a new Christmas CD.  It takes me awhile to even get to the point where I listen to it often enough to learn to love it.  Maybe this time next year it will be a new favorite.


What is your favorite Christmas CD?

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