Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

Arkansas is experiencing a winter storm.  To be more specific we are experiencing Cleon.  Apparently they are naming winter storms these days.

We were sent home from school at 2 on Thursday and told that we would not be there on Friday.  It is always nice to know the day before that school is cancelled.  I immediately turned off my alarm for Friday morning.

Andrew has been sick all week.  I was thankful the weather was forcing him to stay home and rest Friday though he seemed to be feeling better.

We had the perfect Snow Day.  And by Snow Day I mean Ice Day.  

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. 

Lots of Snuggle Time.

Fun little walk to the grocery store.

We finished putting up the Christmas tree.

And even wrapped a couple of presents.


  1. First of all, your cinnimon rolls looke A-Mazing!! I loved all of your pictures! I live in southern Illinois and we got some ice then 9 inches of snow. Needless to say, I also did lots of snuggling under the blanket with my cats yesterday :) My hubs was still working :)

  2. We are trapped too! Were supposed to fly out for vacation, but everything is shut down here!! Except ours is all ice!!! grr! Hope you are staying warm!

  3. I'm happy you guys were able to spend some quality time together! :) You are the cutest couple.. and I love your TREE!!!!! Beautiful! :) I wish I could come visit your beautiful home!