Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Not only is it Friday, but Christmas break has officially begun!  Yay!!

I'm linking up today for some Five on Friday fun.

Here we go.


Andrew and I both went to the orthodontist earlier this week.  It was Andrew's 2nd visit and my 1st.  I have an appointment to get a second opinion at the beginning of the year.  We've both wanted to do this for awhile and we decided to just do it.  We are going to do it together and suffer together.  The orthodontist we saw this week wants to pull four of my teeth to make some room.  This doesn't surprise me.  My mouth is small and overcrowded.  However, I'm really hoping the 2nd opinion doesn't involve pulling teeth.  Just the thought causes me to have a near panic attack.


Have you been watching The Sing Off?  I am so excited that this show is back.  I LOVE it.  I think this show has my favorite judges.  Ben Folds and Shawn from Boyz II Men crack me up!!  I like Jewel too.  I wasn't sure about her at first.  I hope she sticks around.

My favorite part of the show is texting with my little brother.  We watch together through text messaging.  It is fun!  We hardly ever agree on the same groups, but I think this year we have pretty much agreed.  We are both hoping Home Free wins.  We will get to watch the finale together Monday night. 


I have recently decided that it was time for the ol' blog to get a new look.  I guess I've been spoiled because I had no idea blog designs had gotten so expensive.  I found a few that I liked on etsy, but then my sweet friend Miranda announced that she was going back into the business starting in January.  I could not be more excited about this.  I'm trying hard to wait patiently for her return.  In the mean time I'm planning it all out so that when the time does come I will know exactly what I want.


We had our class Christmas parties Wednesday.  I was absolutely blown away by the gifts I received my students.  They were so sweet.  We had this thing at school called Reindeer Lane where students could go and buy gifts for their family and friends.  One sweet boy in my homeroom bought me a gift from there.  He brought wrapping paper from home to wrap it for me.  
Boy: I bought you a present at Reindeer Lane Mrs. Weaver?

Me: Oh yeah?  That was really sweet of you.

Boy: It is one of the expensive items.  It cost $3.

Two days later I open it.  It's a photo item.  He tells me he figured I liked pictures and photo albums because I teach scrapbooking after school.

BREAK MY HEART.  $3 is a lot of money to this kid.  

I received 4 owl warmers - all different and I love every one of them. 

I definitely went home Wednesday feeling incredibly blessed and loved by my precious students.


Early last month I ordered a pair of leggings online.  Ever since I've been looking for a shirt to go with them.  I bought two that were complete failures.  I finally found one that works perfectly.  Thank you OLD NAVY!  I'll share a pic of this outfit soon.  

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  1. I have never had any teeth pulled (I avoid the conversation of having my wisdom teeth pulled like the plague when I visit the dentist), but my hubby has. :/ I will spare you any details or stories :)

    I don't own any leggings because I'm not sure what to where with them. Too intimidated I suppose. I can't wait to see your outfit!