Sunday, December 29, 2013


The husband starts a new job tomorrow.  Well not really new - just different.  He has been blessed to return to his former job and work from home.  We are very excited about this opportunity for him.  

Since tomorrow is a new start for him, we've decided to go ahead and begin our resolutions tomorrow as well.  Why wait two more days?

We have a couple of joint resolutions.

*** Eat at home & eat healthier.  These two really go hand in hand.  When we eat at home we tend to eat healthier.  Less fried.  More grilled.  This is the tough one for me.  I do not like to cook.  And I LOVE to eat out.  It's why this is a joint resolution - so the husband can hold me accountable.

***  Exercise on a regular basis.  Oh how I miss Zumba.  I haven't been one time since moving here.  I have found a place that holds classes six days a week and I could not be more excited about it.  Time to shake my booty into shape.    Andrew has decided he prefers to work out in the mornings.  Me?  Not so much.  However, I think this might be the year I start running.  I hate running, but I want to be able to say I ran a 1/2 marathon.  So maybe I will start running in the mornings.

I also have a couple of solo resolutions.

*** I want to learn to use my fancy camera.  I mean really learn to use it.  I want to take more pictures with it than with my phone this year.  I'm hoping I can borrow some nieces and nephews for practice.  Who wants a date night?  Lend me your kiddos for photography practice and enjoy a night on the town. :)  

*** My sweet friend, Miranda, has mentioned that one of her goals for the new year is to send more snail mail.  I love this idea and am totally doing it with her.  I'm hoping to design some cute note cards to use.

*** Speaking of designing, I want to get better at using my digital scrapbooking software and grow my Etsy store.  My goal is to have 30 items for sale in my store.  I have no idea why 30 - it just sounded good.  It would be nice if I could sell some of those items too.

*** Since one of our goals is to cook at home, I want to try out some of the recipes I've pinned.  I'm thinking two recipes each month.  One a month seems to small of a goal but I don't want it to be so overwhelming that I quit. 

*** I also want to complete one home improvement project each month.  We haven't even really started decorating our home.  We've just been living in it and figuring out how each room works for us.  But it is time to start decorating.  I want to do a little before and after post about each project.  


  1. i love your resolutions. I'm still pondering mine..
    I LOVE ZUMBA!! When I lived in Gainesville, FL i went 3 days a week. But since moving to a small town in Illinois I haven't been able to do zumba. I bought the game for the wii but it's not the same.

  2. I love your resolutions!! You and I have very similar goals for 2014 - I'm so thankful for a friend like you to travel through these resolutions with! :)