Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On the Job Front

I have officially resigned from my current position at my current school.  As of today, I have not been offered a job for the upcoming school year.  I haven't even interviewed for a position.

That seems to be the big question lately.  It's what everyone wants to know.  How is my job hunt going?

Right now it isn't going anywhere.  I've mailed nine resume packets.  Other than a few phone calls that haven't resulting in anything, that one simple sentence is both the beginning and ending of my job hunt as of late.

Each time someone asks if I've heard anything and I have to answer yet again without an affirmative answer, I feel a little bit more like a complete failure.  I feel like I'm saying, "No, no one wants me."

All of this of course is the irrational, emotional, insecure side of me.

The professional teacher side of me says that I know many schools are still in the process of determining if and what openings they will have.  I know many people have been offered jobs as late in the year as August.

Then there is a third side of me. I'm a well rounded person.  There is a third side of me that remembers this post I wrote sharing about all the many ways God has been a part of this move.  I believe that God has the perfect plan for me.  He is already working out the details.

People have asked what I will do if I don't get a teaching job.  That's never really felt like an option to me.  I've never for a moment thought that God's plan for me might not be in a classroom.  People want to know if I will sub, if I will stay at home, if Andrew and I might finally have a baby, or if I will do something totally different.

I feel like I know the answers to those questions, but I'm trying to be open to God's plan and not just my own.

 I'm trying to be patient.  I'm trying to trust.  I'm trying to remain confident.  I'm trying to control the anxious planner who lurks inside just dying to coming out.

But come on schools!  Start listing some openings that I'm qualified to fill.

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