Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Maiden Voyage

Yesterday afternoon I received this text from the husband...

We have not had a chance to take her out since we bought her.  Her...why are cars and boats and such always girls?  

We've been debating on a name for the boat since we bought it.  Who knew naming a boat would require so much thought.  I initially threw out The LB.  Then there was a debate on how to spell it.  

Last night while we were out on our maiden voyage, we finally decided on a name.

The Liberty Belle

Sitting at the marina 

My Captain

We were just a little excited.  

It was a beautiful evening.  I can't wait till it warms up and I can lay out with a good book.  Last night I was thankful for the enclosed cabin which blocked to cold lake wind.

We had the lake all to ourselves.  The husband kept calling it our own private lake.  It was nice.  I decided since we were the only boat on the water, it was the perfect time to practice my driving skills.  

It was such a fun outing.  The husband did a great job navigating and driving the boat.  

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